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Mob lynches man for making another man’s penis ‘disappear’

Dead penis thief
Dead penis thief
Courtesy of Cyrille Zoma, Observateur Paalga

A word of friendly advice to any males of the species who may be reading this: If you are planning a vacation to Burkina Faso, keep an eye on your “wallet,” if you catch my drift. The news portal France 24 offers a cautionary tale of an interloper who was killed by a mob after allegedly making another man’s penis “disappear.”

[The] lynching took place in the 10th district of Koudougou, in the city’s west. It all started with a fight at a restaurant between two men: one accused the other of having cast a spell on him simply by touching him. The first man, a local mechanic, claimed that his penis had been "stolen” by the second man, who was not from the district. The first man called the police. But by then, a crowd had gathered around them. Incensed, the residents decided to lynch the man in the middle of the street.


Koudougou’s deputy mayor, Gaston Kagambega, told FRANCE 24 he had gathered local leaders to call for calm. The mayor has also set up a crisis cell at Koudougou’s medical centre to meet with people who say they’ve been victims of “penis thieves”.

The accusations of penis snatching are nothing new, and they don’t just happen in Burkina Faso: several cases have been alleged over the past 15 years, from Abidjan to Accra. Experts who have studied the question say that such rumours have led to nearly 300 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries in West Africa alone.

An article embedded in the post from Observateur Paalga, a newspaper, notes that some scam artists claim that they’ve pirated someone’s genitals in order to sell the person a miracle cure. It’s difficult to fathom how the con works, since visually confirming that your man part is intact would seem to be a relatively straightforward matter.

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