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Mob kills three Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan while police do nothing

On July 27, two days before the celebration of the Islamic holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr, a mob of extremists killed three members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Gujranwala, a town in the province of Punjab. The attack was provoked by an alleged blasphemous post on the Facebook page by a young Ahmadi Muslim man. In this targeted attack, the terrorists set ablaze ten homes. The victims of this vicious attack were, Bashiran Bibi aged 55, and her granddaughters Hira, aged 7 and 8 month old infant, Kainat. A pregnant Ahmadi Muslim woman was injured and later miscarried her unborn child. To make this tragic incident even more heart wrenching is the fact that the police stood by and watched without taking any actions. They did not even assist in making a path for the fire brigade to put out the flames. The three victims died of suffocation.

The persecution of the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan is backed by the state. None of the perpetrators have ever been brought to justice for their crimes. Since Pakistan’s constitution declared the Ahmadi Muslims outside the pale of Islam in 1974 the wave of violence against them have resulted in at least 300 deaths.

“Since Pakistan declared Ahmadis to be ‘non-Muslim’ by constitutional amendment in 1974, extremists have murdered nearly 300 Ahmadi Muslims only for their faith,” said Wasim Malik, National Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, “and not a single perpetrator has ever been convicted of a crime. We call upon the Government of Pakistan to stop this injustice and to uphold the rule of law for all its citizens.”

On July 28, the Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, his Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, unequivocally condemned this inhumane act of barbarism. He said,

“This attack was an act of the most extreme cruelty and brutality, whereby innocent people who were sitting peacefully in their own homes were attacked and left for dead.

It has been falsely claimed that this attack was provoked by a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. This allegation is completely untrue and without any foundation whatsoever. If those who perpetrated this attack truly felt that one person had provoked them then they should have sought his arrest but instead they chose to burn alive an elderly lady and her two granddaughters.

In truth, this was an entirely unprovoked assault on all forms of human decency which led to the death of three people including two very young children.

This attack took place as the local police stood by and watched and took no action. It is yet another example of how the authorities in Pakistan are aiding the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims.

Let it be clear that we Ahmadi Muslims will never undertake any worldly protest and nor will we ever take to the streets. Our response to all of the sustained persecution that we face is, and will always remain, to bow down before Allah the Almighty and to seek His Help and Mercy.”

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