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Mob-Con returns to Las Vegas

Second annual Mob-Con conference in Las Vegas NV
Robert George Allen

Many mobsters have written books or been the subject of TV shows or movies, but how often does the general public have the opportunity to meet the real deals and the lawmen who chased them face-to-face and hear stories that might not have been documented?

Mob-Con 2014 is a presentation of Las Vegas entertainer and businessman Robert George Allen and former mobster Frank Cullotta of the Chicago Outfit and infamous Hole in the Wall Gang of Las Vegas. Cullotta and Allen also produce Frank Cullotta’s “Casino” Tour—The Real Story Behind the Movie.

Mob-Con launched in 2013 and was filled to capacity with fans of true crime and Mob history. Las Vegas is famous for its glitz, entertainment and gambling, but also just as famous for its past ties to the Mob, as depicted in books, movies and TV. Sin City, renowned to be like no other, has added its own Mob Convention, Mob-Con, to the unique attractions.

Robert George Allen has spent more than 30 years in show business. He’s been featured on the famous Vegas Strip as a guitarist/vocalist, comedian and hypnotist and appeared as an actor in numerous theater productions, films and on television. For several years he has owned a tour company conducting Mob tours and Haunted Vegas tours.

When asked how this conference came about, Allen said, “I’ve been a part of Las Vegas for many years and Las Vegas is the ideal city to host something like Mob-Con. People are fascinated with the Mob and, without the Mob Las Vegas would not be what it is today.”

Featured speakers include former mobsters, lawmen, true crime writers and historians as well as and people from the entertainment industry. Mob-Con 2014 sets up shop at Palace Station Hotel & Casino on September 27 and 28. Many of the speakers have written at least one book, and they will all be together in the same place at the same time to talk about "the day." Attendees will have the opportunity to hear what these speakers have to say and meet the very people in person they used to read about in the papers or see portrayed on the big screen. It is also an opportunity to acquire signed books and add a piece of Mob history to your personal library.

“Anyone who has an interest in the Mob will not want to miss this event,” Allen added “Mob-Con gives the general public unprecedented access to the individuals who were a part of this history.”

Frank Cullotta, has two books to his name as well as consultant and acting credits for the iconic film “Casino.” When he teamed up with Allen the idea of hosting a Mob conference became a reality.

The lineup of speakers includes: Frank Cullotta (Chicago Outfit associate & author), Tony Montana (Chicago Outfit associate & author), Dennis Arnoldy (retired FBI), Denny Griffin (Mob historian & Author), Gary Jenkins (Law Enforcement), Ronald Fino (former FBI & CIA), Jon D’Amore (author & screenwriter), Stan Hunterton (attorney and former DOJ Organized Crime Strike Force lawyer), Larry Leavitt (retired federal judge and former DOJ Organized Crime Strike Force attorney), John L. Smith (columnist & author) and a special Mob Women panel comprised of Susan Ferritto (Mafia widow and author), Lisa Caserta (fiancé of the late Henry Hill), Denyce Franzese (former wife of John Franzese, Jr.) and Georgia Durante (former Mafia wife, stunt driver and author).

* * *

There is still space available, so if you’re fascinated with the Mob visit for more information about meeting mobsters, lawmen, authors and entertainers who were part of Las Vegas’ glory days and exciting Mob history. This is the second year the general public has the opportunity for unprecedented access to these individuals through meet and greets, Q&A sessions, lectures and special events.


Morgan St. James is the author of eleven books, over 600 published articles and currently co-authored Izzy and Me with Dennis N. Griffin as told by Gina Marion, daughter of Izzy Marion who was "Hairstylist to the Stars" in Las Vegas as well as a reputed affiliate of the Mob, restaurateur and entertainer. For more information about St. James, visit

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