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Mo Williams update: Former Jazzman goes off on Blazers fans who derided him

Portland Trail Blazers guard Mo Williams.
Portland Trail Blazers guard Mo Williams.
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Former Utah Jazz guard Mo Williams has led a charmed life in the NBA. He's played for six different teams, he's made a pile of money doing it, and largely speaking, he's had success everywhere he's been, scoring about 12 points per game in a 12-year career.

But, the thing he's most known for--and probably that for which he's revered--is his openness with and his accessibility to fans, the media and well, everyone associated with the team with which he's currently employed.

And so the defensive stance that some Portland Trail Blazers fans took on Tuesday, July 29 on Twitter threw Williams for a loop. He wasn't expecting the backlash he got from Portland Trail Blazers enthusiasts--probably because they are usually busy cutting logs, saving the planet and eating bacon maple donuts.

Frankly, that last depiction of all Blazers fans is about as ridiculous as Blazers fans bashing Williams for leaving Portland when it was clear his services were no longer needed there--but it illustrates a point here.

After the Blazers signed Steve Blake recently to a two-year deal the road out of Portland was Williams to follow--so he hopped on the first flight out of PDX. Can you blame him? It's not like Portland wanted to keep him anyway, according to Williams' latest tweet.

"All the blazers fans that's bashing me for leaving don't have a clue what's going on. If Portland trailblazers wanted to sign Mo Williams, in all retrospect, they could have. That's gone be my 1st n last addressing that. Its a business people," Williams tweeted.

Sure, Jazz fans and Blazers fans--and any other team's fans that grew accustomed to Williams playing in their cities--could have went without the Karl Malone moment of clarity that Williams had, referring to oneself in the third person.

But, Williams is who he is.On the surface, Williams is a nice guy who like Malone is from a small town in the Southern United States. Yet there isn't a way to sugarcoat that Williams came off like a redneck--because he did with that tweet.

Should Williams be angry having given his body and soul to the Blazers for 74 games--only to have fans slam him for leaving? Absolutely. But, two wrongs don't make a right, as the saying goes, and Williams should have just let it go and said nothing in reply.

Yet Portland fans--who should have known that the Blazers weren't interested in Williams based on the move to acquire Blake--share some responsibility in this also. It's the Blazers fans who in a moment of stupidity, behaved like whiny toddlers who didn't get their naps on time.

And frankly, does anyone really know whether Williams will actually stick it out in Minnesota? He only has a one-year deal with the Wolves--which could easily make him trade bait, on a plane back to Cleveland--where his buddy LeBron James now plays--if and only if the rumors of a deal Cleveland and Minnesota persist.

In the meantime, Blazers fans should get off of their high horses and realize, as Williams himself stated, that this was strictly a business move and not personal. The sooner fans realize as much, the better for all involved.

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