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MO returning to Chicago in September 2014 with performance at Concord Music Hall

MØ at Concord Music Hall
React Presents

React Presents announces critically acclaimed artist will be returning to Chicago on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014, to perform at Concord Music Hall! Tickets are on sale now at

Fresh off her completely sold out North American tour, Denmark native MØ announces a second headlining tour in support of her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow. The tour will start in Washington, DC and make stops in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and many more. Additionally, MØ is confirmed for performances at major festivals including Austin City Limits, Corona Capital in Mexico City and Treasure Island in San Francisco.

MØ recently released the music video for "Walk This Way" (view video on YouTube here) via I-D Magazine. The video was directed by Emilie Rafael and styled by i-D's Fashion Editor Jack Borkett. MØ made her US television debut earlier in June on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she performed "Pilgrim" (view performance on YouTube here) and "Don't Wanna Dance" (view performance on YouTube here), two additional tracks off No Mythologies To Follow.

While on the road MØ received critical praise for her live show. Indeed, her first ever show in Chicago was at a sold out Lincoln Hall on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 and all in attendance were treated to a stellar, impassioned performance by a remarkable talent far beyond her twenty-something years. (See 5 star out of 5 star MØ Chicago concert review here)

Karen Marie Ørsted grew up on Funen, one of Denmark's largest islands, and she wrote her first song when she was seven years old. “My parents had a piano in their living room that they got from my great grandmother, and then I wanted to write songs, in English, because I was a massive Spice Girls fan.” Even then there were traces of the bittersweet heartache that forms the backbone of her current skewed pop: the first single was called “Don't Believe What People Say”. “I didn't have a boyfriend or anything when I was 7, but it was about a girl talking to her boyfriend saying, don't believe what people say about you. I don't know where I got it from!”

Karen was a pop obsessive until she became a teenager. “I guess everybody feels that way, but a lot of things happen to you and your eyes become opened to different things. I became very involved with politics and punk and anti-fascist demos and stuff like that. My number one favorite was and is still Sonic Youth, but also Black Flag, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs...”

But slowly MØ began to take shape. “I started to sing more than rapping – I was horrible at rapping, terrible – and I started to make the songs a little more personal.” It was at this point that Karen met Ronni Vindahl, a producer & guitarist whose work Kendrick Lamar used on “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”. Suddenly everything fell into place and the sound of MØ was born. “I'd sent Ronni an acapella song, he worked on it, sent it back, and it was like: oh my god, this is the sound we've been looking for. We threw that out on the internet and that was “Maiden”.”

The singles “Glass”, “Pilgrim” and “Waste of Time” soon followed, all characterized by an upbeat, skittish pop melody combined with surprisingly sad lyrics about heartbreak. “Yeah! Bittersweet! That's a feeling I love to have, this, 'ah, everything is so tough and hard but I'm making music and getting pleasure out of it.'”

Anyone who's seen a MØ live show will know that Karen lets herself go completely when she's on stage: she whirls around as if she's dancing in her bedroom mirror, with nobody watching. “It's important to let go and go crazy!” she says. “When I go to a concert, I want to see the lead singer go fucking crazy, be wild and get into the music, you know? I want to see some fire burning! That's what I try to do when I perform. People don't just wanna see me standing there. They want to see something in my eyes.”

Then there are the visuals, distinctive homemade videos on YouTube and projections Karen uses when she's performing, which were created out of practical necessity. “We started doing that two years ago when it was still the trashy rap thing, because I had so many backing vocals in my songs, and we couldn't afford a choir, so I needed to film myself singing those vocals. It makes the project nice because it's so rough.” [from MØ biography]

MØ on Facebook; MØ on Twitter; MØ on SoundCloud; MØ on YouTube

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
React Presents...

Concord Music Hall
2047 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
Doors: 6:30pm
Phone: 773-570-4000


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