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'Mo' Money Mo' Problems': Stevie J from 'LHHATL' arrested

Mo' Money Mo' Problems
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

TMZ reported that "LHHATL" star Stevie J was arrested today for allegedly owing an excessive amount of back child support. How much? Sources report over a million dollars is owed in back child support by the actor/producer.

Stevie J is known for working with legends such as Notorious B.I.G., R&B group 112 and Sean Combs. He has also produced for the legendary Mariah Carey and was nominated for a Grammy.

So what happened to his fame and notoriety as a "hitman"? On VH1's "LHHATL" he brags about his success and gives off a pompous air of living large in what his daughter refers to as "a palace" with self-proclaimed Puerto-Rican princess Joseline Hernandez. He brags about his cars, home, wife and cash as if money would not be a problem so what happened?

Unfortunately, judges do take into account what you post on social networks and what is bragged about on television when it comes to child support. Joseline Hernandez's ex-manager recently appeared on an episode of 'LHHATL' to expose the power couple as frauds stating they were in debt, owned nothing and discredited their marriage but is it true?

Rumors flood social media that the show is scripted and staged. Is this true? The events seem too dramatic to be realistic to some but does that make it fake?

In the end Stevie J. will probably pay up and walk out as a free man. What can a jailed man give to a jail anyway? Do you agree with how the system is set up? Leave comments below!

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