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MNSure Management Get Bonuses

As the story goes, Governor Mark Dayton was just as surprised as the average Minnesota taxpayer when he learned the former MNSure Director April Todd-Malmlov prior to her hasty departure back in mid-December approved a $26,000 bonus for management.

MNSure, otherwise known as Minnesota's Obama Care has been riddled with problems since its conception. From a lack of leadership to the lack of access to the MNSure website along with 2,000 applications having to be entered by hand and applicants being told after the website launch that they may have not been entered into the system.

MNSure's cost to taxpayers right now is $200 million dollars. Yet it doesn't seem right with all the problems MNSure has had to justify its management team a $26,000 bonus.

Will Governor Dayton step up and tell MNSure to give back the bonuses?

Typical government waste. Majorly screw up a government program and get a cash bonus in the process. As for the former MNSure Director, she resigned in shame after taking an expensive Costa Rica vacation (personally paid for) at a time when MNSure was already deep into problems. Then she authorizes the bonus.

It's high time I get a job that pays so well for doing so little good.

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