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MnSCU Board of Trustees circle wagons

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This article highlights how out of touch the MnSCU Board of Trustees is. When Clarence Hightower, the chairman of the MnSCU Board of Trustees, says that Chancellor Rosenstone "is a visionary leader who cares passionately for our students and works tirelessly on their behalf," members of the IFO, aka the Inter Faculty Organization, must've been stunned to hear that.

Here's what the IFO said in their Bill of Particulars to the MnSCU Board of Trustees:

It is time to re-focus on the present realities of our state university campuses instead of turning out a stream of planning documents that purport to chart the future.

Here's a specific point in the IFO's Bill of Particulars:

failing to ensure a reliable payroll system for Metropolitan State, when almost the entire Human Resources staff resigned due to the financial mismanagement of the university

It isn't Rosenstone's responsibility to run the payroll system at one of his universities. It's definitely his responsibility to monitor things so a university's payroll was so screwed up that it overpaid some employees by tens of thousands of dollars while underpaying others to the point that faculty were in danger of losing their homes.

Predictably, SCSU President Earl Potter III defended Chancellor Rosenstone:

Earl Potter III, president of St. Cloud State University and of MnSCU's executive committee, condemned the union's memo as a "public effort to embarrass and damage the president that is not productive."

He said the faculty backlash is ultimately about two issues: the difficult contract talks and faculty resistance to changes envisioned in Charting the Future.

"The chancellor appropriately and wisely is looking to our future and saying, 'We need to change to remain viable," Potter said. "I've heard from faculty who don't believe we need to change."

The "backlash" is the result of MnSCU's incompetence and the IFO's unwillingness to sweep these major fiascos under the rug.

The IFO's chief complaint is with Rosenstone's incompetence, not his vision. Having read the IFO's Bill of Particulars, President Potter knows this. That's what make his statements so disturbing. Further, President Potter's statement that the publication of this document wasn't productive is instructive. Specifically, sweeping MnSCU's incompetences under the proverbial rug wasn't fixing MnSCU's incompetence.

That's unacceptable. Saying that Chancellor Rosenstone "is a visionary leader who cares passionately for our students and works tirelessly on their behalf" is meaningless because he's incompetent, as are several of his university presidents.

The presidents at Moorhead and Metropolitan are 'retiring' at the end of this month. The president at Mankato is, to say the least, embattled after firing head football coach Hoffner, then having an arbitrator tell him he had to rehire Hoffner because he was wrongfully terminated.

Potter's arrogance and incompetence is well-documented, too.

Rosenstone hasn't picked competent administrators. There are major messes throughout MnSCU. The question shouldn't be whether the IFO highlighted these failings in public. The question should be why the IFO didn't highlight Rosenstone's failings earlier.