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Mn/DOT seeks public comment on ADA transition plan

Minnesotans  are invited to provide feedback to the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Americans with Disability Act Transition plan, which was made available online and remains open for public comment until Dec. 23, 2009.

“It is critical that Mn/DOT provide access to all transportation facilities, services, programs and policies,” said Tom Sorel, transportation commissioner. “While our current system is accessible, we encourage individuals to read the plan and offer suggestions so we can make any necessary improvements."

The transition plan at details how the organization will ensure that all of its facilities, services, programs and activities are accessible to all individuals.

Mn/DOT developed the transition plan following a self-evaluation of physical assets and current policies and practices. The agency identified seven areas that must establish and maintain inventories. Those areas are: fixed work sites, rest areas, accessible pedestrian signals, curb ramp and sidewalks, transit, pedestrian bridge and underpasses and policies.

Mn/DOT also worked with an external advisory group of citizens with disabilities and advocates for disability groups to provide feedback, guidance and real-life experience about how they encounter Mn/DOT’s facilities, programs and services.

“Mn/DOT developed this plan with valued input from our advisory group and based on best practices from other ADA transition plans throughout the country,” said Nick Thompson, Mn/DOT project manager.

Well-designed pedestrian ramps and audible pedestrian signals at intersections are important accessibility designs for Mn/DOT facilities. The plan outlines how Mn/DOT will incorporate these elements and others in to the transportation system.

The Mn/DOT Transition Plan will be finalized after public comments are addressed. To request this document in an alternative format call 651-366-4720 or e-mail your request to