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MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy details resources, economy

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Commanding an army, building an empire, and strategizing defeating foes with resources all are aspects of an MMORTS that can't be found in traditional MMOs. MMORTS aren't anything new, but it's always nice to find a new one that looks promising. Dawn of Fantasy looks that way.

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In Dawn of Fantasy, and like other MMORTS titles, the player will build up a persistent home city with walls, buildings, an economy, and even trade caravans. The city will continue growing while the player is offline in the form of resource gathering or the completion of buildings. From the home city a player can meet with his or her Advisor and learn about the game, choose to go on PvE missions, or start a PvP battle.

Outside of the home city, Dawn of Fantasy offers Kingdom Wars, Skirmish Mode, and a Scenario Design Editor. For information on those features click here. Like most RTS games, resource gathering is important, and today those resources are the subject of discussion.

Dawn of Fantasy utilizes food, wood, gold, stone, and influence as resources. Each race acquires the traditional resources differently. For example, humans "mine gold and stone, chop wood, and gain food through hunting, livestock and summer farms." Orcs use a more primitive system even if "they still mine and chop trees, they are hunter-gatherers, able to survive just on warg meat and foraging." Finally, the elves "mine and gather, but get their wood and food from a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings year round."

Depending on the race chosen and where the player chooses to start, available resources will differ. Luckily, players can trade their resources between their guild or sell them in a global market. The non-traditional resource, influence, is gained in the Online Kingdom mode. Players earn this by completing quests and PvP warfare. It can also be purchased from the online store.

For more information on the MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy visit the official site. There's a handy FAQ that answers several important questions. Check out the assests on the page to get a good look at Dawn of Fantasy. It's scheduled to release on June 17, 2011.

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