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MMO Weekly Rundown April 8

Wildstar Open Beta Launches May 8-18
Wildstar Open Beta Launches May 8-18
Carbine, LLC and NCSOFT Corporation

First Off…Wildstar

Wildstar’s Open Beta just launched. Feel free to skip ahead to the link below to generate a key and download the game client – servers are up!

Subscription Upgrades and Special Offers

Lineage II upgrades their Prestige Pack subscriptions to include more exclusive items and bonuses.

Neverwinter’s Hero of the North pack goes on sale, players can purchase the addition for a limited time for only $149.99 (formerly 199.99). The Hero of the North pack includes the playable race, Menzoberranzan Renegade, in addition to numerous in-game rewards.

Returning Subscriber Updates

Return to EVE and earn a chance at acquiring the all new heavy drone “Guristas Gecko”. Don’t forget to check out their coverage of Fanfest and future game updates.

SWTOR Galactic Strongholds gets some new dates (they pushed out he release), and some new items are coming to the Cartel Market.

Open Beta

Wildstar launches “10 Days of Awesome” May 8 through 18 with their open beta.

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