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MMA star Ashley Cummins working hard to keep the peace in Ferguson

According to an Aug. 19 report from USA Today, violent protests and riots continue in Ferguson, Mo., almost two weeks after the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. On the morning of Aug. 10, Brown was shot and killed by a St. Louis County police officer after engaging in a physical altercation with him.

MMA star Ashley Cummins is working to keep the peace in Ferguson
Photo by Eric Holden

Brown, an African-American resident from Ferguson, was unarmed at the time of the shooting, so his family and many local community members were extremely upset he was killed, even though it was confirmed that he tussled with the officer in the moments prior to the shooting. It hasn't been confirmed that Brown was going for the officer's gun during the altercation, which made the shooting even more controversial. Shortly after Brown was shot and killed, a candlelight vigil was held for people to pay their final respects to Brown.

Unfortunately, several businesses in Ferguson were vandalized and looted after the vigil turned violent. Over a dozen people were arrested in the first night of looting, and the situation got even more intense on Aug. 11. Schools were cancelled on the morning of Aug. 11 because student safety became an issue, as hundreds of people gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department to demand justice for Brown's death.

That night, police used tear gas to break up crowds that didn't protest peacefully, and some key media members were arrested during the chaos. Tensions rose between protesters and police for the next two nights, as dozens more were arrested. By Aug. 14, President Obama got involved, urging calm and patience in the wake of the Ferguson shooting.

On Aug. 16, more looting occurred at Ferguson convenience stores, and a state of emergency was declared for the Ferguson area. As violence continues in Ferguson, Invicta FC standout Ashley Cummins is doing her part to keep the peace. Cummins, 27, leads an exciting double life as St. Louis County police officer and MMA fighter. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to keep her fans in the loop of what has been going on in Ferguson because she has been so busy trying to maintain order.

Cummins, who deleted her Facebook and Twitter pages once the Ferguson riots began, is expected to fight Alexa Grasso at Invicta FC 8, but the Ferguson riots will obviously cut into her training time. So far, Cummins is still projected to fight at Invicta FC 8. She hasn't been forced to withdraw from the bout, but time will tell how the situation pans out. The MMA community is thankful Cummins is working hard to keep everyone safe in Ferguson.

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