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MMA rumors: Pat Barry being considered as UFC's first-ever ring card boy

According to a July 17 tweet from ProWMMA Now! radio show host Gina Begley, former MMA heavyweight contender Pat Barry (8-7 MMA, 16-6-1 kickboxing) is being considered for a spot as the UFC's first-ever ring card boy. Barry, 35, competed under the UFC banner between 2008 and 2013, but he decided to transition back to kickboxing following a loss to Soa Palelei late last year. After leaving the UFC, Barry went on to compete at Glory 16, where he was knocked out by Zack Mwekassa.

Pat Barry is apparently being considered as a ring card boy for the UFC
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Despite recent losses both in kickboxing and MMA, Barry remained a fan favorite in the fight community due to his bright personality and model-esque good looks. That said, it appears the UFC is considering securing his services in a new, non-fighting capacity. Fans have been clamoring for years to see Barry as a commentator or as a talk show host, but news of him possibly becoming a professional ring card boy came from out of the blue.

Could Barry seriously become the UFC's first-ever male ring card person? It may sound like a stretch, but the UFC needs to start somewhere to eliminate sexism and misogny from the sport of MMA. For the longest time, ring card girls have walked in a circle around the cage for male MMA fights. Now that female fighters are in the UFC, perhaps its time for the promotion to hire a ring card boy for their fights. It's the fair thing to do.

Here's the thing: The UFC wouldn't need to make Barry wear a tight-fitting speedo for his potential ring card boy role. They could easily keep it classy by featuring him in an elegant tuxedo, or perhaps even a suit. Bringing Barry on board as a ring card boy would help the UFC appeal to a new demographic of young professional women and ladies in their early-30s. Additionally, current UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer could use the rest.

With just eight ring card girls on the official UFC roster and over 50 events being held each year, it makes sense to bring a couple new bodies on board. At least one of them should be male, and Barry would make a nice selection. Barry left the UFC on good terms, and there's no doubt promotion higher-ups would welcome him back with open arms as long as it doesn't mean him getting punched in the face.

The UFC could be a trend-setter and pioneer in ushering in a new age of ring card boys in MMA. At one point, it seemed outrageous to think a man could land on the moon. So maybe it's not so crazy to think Barry could end up a UFC ring card boy. Time will tell how the situation pans out.

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