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MMA fighter prepares defense after defending his home against four intruders

The La Cruces News reports that attorney C.J. McElhinney created an online Facebook campaign last night to defend his client—MMA fighter Joseph Torrez, 27. Torrez, a New Mexico construction worker and MMA fighter, fought off four men who broke into his home on New Year’s Day. Torrez killed one attacker, sent another to the hospital, and chased the other two away.

Joseph Torrez could face criminal charges after defending himself against four intruders. Torrez killed one of the men.
Facebook photograph

Although authorities haven’t charged Torrez with any crimes, they haven’t cleared him either. According to McElhinney, the four men belonged to a street gang. McElhinney also said Torrez acted in self-defense as he defended his fiancé and young son during a botched home invasion.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident and haven’t mentioned any further details surrounding the attack. McElhinney said Torrez didn’t know the men before the morning of the incident. Deputy District Attorney Jacinto Palomino said his office will prosecute Torrez if the facts don’t support a self-defense claim. As a professional fighter, Torrez has a 1-5 record, and an upcoming fight scheduled for later in the month.

Read more about this unusual home invasion at the La Cruces News website.

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