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MMA fighter Chael Sonnen is ko'ed by Sylvester Stallone

You gotta believe it. Especially when it was caught on film. First, check out the video provided by the Warner Brothers promotion department.

In this exciting and sometimes hilarious movie, you have Sylvester Stallone (r) portraying boxer Henry 'Razor' Sharp going up against Robert De Niro (l) playing his local Pittsburgh rival Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen.
Warner Brothers Promotions Department

After watching that video and reading some of the early buzz from Facebook, Twitter and You Tube you got to figure this movie is going to be a major blockbuster:

Arthur Ramos Schaefer: "I need to watch this movie! AHAHHAHA Stallone gained a few more points with me!"

GTA & Battlefield piloting & trolling by oAngrybird: "See, see, see, MMA fighters can't fight."

Ivan Albuquerque Ferro: "Seeing Sonnen get knocked out is priceless!"

MrFamous1991: "I used to like Chael Sonnen, but he really is a gutless coward who would do anything for a wad of cash. Even if its just a movie, its completely pathetic that he would insult MMA like this. I wouldn't be surprised if he buddies up with Wandy on the Ultimate Fighter because he doesn't have the balls to talk (stuff) face to face."

Brad Shargani: "You think a man who steps into a cage with the intent to fight another man in a simulated death match with barely any rules, and whose last four fights were with former or current world champions, (two of whom are considered by many to be the greatest of all time) is a coward? I guarantee you that you would not call him a coward to his face. So, who's the real coward? That's what cowards like you do. You project your insecurities on other people. You have to tear somebody else down to make yourself feel better. Maybe if you spent more time doing something positive with your own life, as opposed to putting out all of this negative energy, you'd be successful and confident enough in your own life to not have to insult people who are actually successful, and doing what you only wish you could do."

Giuseppe Urso: "Now I have to watch this (stupid) movie... Damn!"

Once again, the creative people of Hollywood came through with another endearing movie that will have movie goers talking, laughing and for the less knowledgeable sports fan - even debating. It's likely this one screenwriter or maybe two screenwriters were out partying somewhere in Beverly Hills, high as a kite on something, and suddenly started laughing out loud about this "what if" scenario which they eventually sold to some producer who said, "Hilarious, let's do it! We'll have the 70 year-old "Raging Bull" pick a fight with the 67 year-old Rocky Balboa to decide which of them is the strongest boxer of the big screen."

Can you see the headlines? "Stallone climbs back into the ring yet again! Rocky Balboa to fight Jake La Motta" "Stallone to face De Niro" "Rivals come out of retirement to go toe-to-toe".

When approached they're saying the veteran actor Robert De Niro relished the chance to play a boxer again following his Oscar-winning turn as Jake La Motta in 1980's Raging Bull. But Mr. Stallone was more reluctant to join him as he suspected the movie would spoof his breakthrough film, Rocky.

Stallone: "I was worried because it might have come out as unintentional comedy but the way they worked it and with the other cast it started to get good so I stopped being foolish and protective of Rocky and let it go."

De Niro: "When I heard about it, I always knew it had to be Sylvester to do it. I had to talk him into it - he had reservations, he was worried about it being a comedy but I said, 'Don't worry, we'll do it together and it will be okay.'"

Back in December, Shaina Moskowitz, the Manhattan Events Examiner, had an opportunity to interview the two, Hollywood icons. I highly recommend you check out her article submitted on December 29, 2013.

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