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MMA and UFC Legend Dan Severn to go on DFW Beast Tour August 14 - 17th 2014


The Beast, Dan Severn

Former Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) and current UFC Hall of Fame inductee Dan Severn “The Beast”; will be coming to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area in August. He will be conducting his “Beast Tour” sponsored by Knife and H2H; and will be conducting various training events and appearances in the local area in conjunction with other area small businesses. Severn, whom to many is known as the “God Father” of modern Mixed Martial Arts is perhaps best known for his run of victories during the early UFC years. UFCs four, five and six caused a stir in the MMA world, which was then known as No Holds Barred “NHB”, when Dan Severn entered the octagon. Severn was the first world class wrestler ever to engage in the sport of what is now known as Mixed Martial Arts.

Dan Severn who gained the nickname of “The Beast” appeared on the No Holds Barred Fighting scene as an unstoppable force with his signature Ground and Pound techniques and rough house submission holds like the “Bottle Opener” and Side Neck Cranks. Dan Severn eventually went on to become the only “Triple Crown” UFC Champ in UFC History. The Beast was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on 16 April, 2005 at UFC 52 At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada.

Dan is also extremely well known in the Professional Wrestling world where he has also held titles in organizations such as the NWA. Mr. Severn is one of very few in the industry to be as well accomplished and hold such credentials as he holds. Being a two –time All American Collegiate wrestler and an original Sunkist Kid. Sunkist is an organization for American Wrestling that has produced more US Olympic, world and National Champions than any other organization or wrestling club in the US. Severn was also a wrestling coach at both Arizona and Michigan State Universities.

Dan Severn, has been publicized in many high profile publications such as USA Today, People, Karate and Kung Fu Illustrated, Black Belt Magazine, MAD, Full Contact Fighter and other wrestling related journals or publications. Severn has appeared on 20/20, 48 hours and other television shows as well as has appeared in several movies such as Rudy and Swamp Zombies and Win by Fall. Dan is scheduled for an interview in August with The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner as part of his DFW Beast Tour.

The Beast Unleashed

During the “Beast Tour” Dan will conduct a series of training clinics and appearances in the DFW area. Dan is planning on working with local Law Enforcement Officers for Defensive Tactics training as well as conducting a series of different wrestling and MMA related clinics at local gyms and Martial Arts Studios. Dan will also be pairing with ventures like Knife and H2H and SAS Fitness Solutions. Appearances are still being worked out but would make for interesting promotional events at local Sports Bars and pubs. As part of his routine for seminars and appearances there will be plenty of photo opportunities and autograph signings as well as static displays of the UFC Belts and opportunities for purchasing Beast memorabilia.

Dan Severn at Gracie Gym in Plano 15 August 2014

One of the training events will be hosted by Carlos Moreno and the Frisco Bombers Wrestling Club at The Gracie Gym in Plano Texas. This event will be on the evening of Friday 15 August 2014. The event begins at 6:30pm and runs till 9:30pm and includes two seminars in submission grappling. There will be a display table with the three UFC Championship Belts, memorabilia and meet and greet with The Beast where attendees can get a photo opportunity with “The Beast”. There are only 40 openings and space is limited. Those who wish to attend this event may contact Ajarn Carlos Moreno of Gracie Gym (Link here).

Stay tuned for more Beast Sightings

The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner will be covering all of the events exclusively and will report any new information regarding Dan Severn’s “DFW Beast Tour”. Updates for this event can also be seen on this writer’s personal Twitter account and on Knife and Hand to Hand’s Social Media page (Link Here). Subscribers to Knife and Hand to Hand’s Newsletter will also gain access to special bonus interviews and training lessons from The Beast himself while on tour in the DFW area. There will be more to follow on this epic event as August approaches. Remember you heard it first here.

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