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MLK shook Hillary's hand urged her to fight for justice

Hillary Clinton
jameslemoore photobucket

Bill O'Reilly interviewed president Obama before the Super Bowl and Hillary Clinton saw fit to tweet a little joke about it:

It’s so much more fun to watch FOX when it’s someone else being blitzed & sacked!

Ooo! good one Hillary. This was "retweeted" over and over again and made it as a slideshow news item on the Yahoo News home page.

I went to her twitter page and saw the tweet, okay, that was a clever zinger. It was taken to blame the messenger, shore up the base. Fox News are bad right winger people who are trying to take down the president, all that tired old stuff. But it could have been taken another way, say if for instance a Republican tweeted "hey Barack you were blitzed and sacked by O'Reilly, how does it feel, ha ha".

Curiously the tweet before the zinger was this:

As a teenager I saw #MLK speak in Chicago & shook his hand. He urged us to stay engaged with the cause of justice. As vital as ever today.

Oh boy, she shook the hand of Martin Luther King Jr. the Martin Luther King Jr. and he urged her personally to fight for the cause of justice. We can believe this because....

Actually we can't. Hillary, her husband Bill and Al Gore, all have this particular way of "embellishing" their history. Hillary got a tremendous pass some years ago when she stated her mother named her after Sir. Edmund Hillary, the first guy to climb mount Everest. It turns out the famous climb was made after Hillary was born. It wasn't true. No big deal. She's still the liberal darling because in liberaldom all liberals get a pass on all their lies, scandals and corruption.

So here we are in February and Hillary has been in the public spot light since forever, a February, like 27 others designated as Black History Month. She hadn't let us in on her historic moment on the February's before, where MLK "urges" her to "fight for justice" until now. She gets attention for a little joke knowing liberals and the press the world over will bring attention to her Twitter page, and what do you know, we find out why she's such a champ for justice.

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