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MLK Day: Alisha Thomas Morgan

As it is made evident by the three day weekend before today, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important person to the United States. Celebrated this past Monday around the U.S. was what is known as MLK Day. This is a day dedicated to the remembrance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to his ideas and beliefs and the changes he helped make for an entire nation.

MLK and Alisha Morgan
MLK and Alisha Morgan
MLK and Alisha Morgan

Rev. Dr. King used a widely accepted perspective of Christianity along side pre-expressed ideas written by Thomas Jefferson (a founding father and past President of the United States) inspired by John Locke (admired English philosopher), to change the hearts and minds of people of many generations. King's actions and words along with the millions of other civil rights activist lead to not only the change of laws on racial equality but it helped create a since of deserved equality on all levels for people in the United States.

In honor of the wonderful man and all that he has done for their country, Young Harris College's Inter-Religous Council and Student Government Association has invited speaker Alisha Thomas Morgan, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives to speak to students. The event will take place in the Campus Chapel at 7:30 pm, tonight.

Morgan's goals according to her official website is to ensure the availability of quality education to every child.

Morgan is a wonderful candidate to speak for a MLK because not only is she a member of the African American community but she is female. She has insight on two communities in which equality was not reached in the United States and had to be and still are being fought for. It is also appropriate for her to come to a Liberal Arts college and express her views and educate students because of her views on education.

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