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MLK Bible and Nobel Peace Prize: Family squabbles over items

Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK’s Bible and Nobel Peace prize have been ordered held in a safe deposit box by a judge in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr.’s prized possessions are a point of contention among MLK’s family members, according to a UPI report on Wednesday.

Fulton County Judge Robert C.I. McBurney decided the measure was necessary after having heard attorneys representing MLK’s daughter and sons for some 2-1/2 hours.

The judge ruled that Bernice King must give her father’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize to his estate for safekeeping. The items must remain with the estate until a court rules as to whether the brothers – Dexter and Martin – can sell them.

The dispute among the sister and the two brothers is that Bernice doesn’t want the items to be sold while the two brothers want to sell the items for, reportedly, millions of dollars.

The judge said that he thinks it is prudent that the two items be stored together in a safe deposit box with the court keeping the keys to the safe deposit box. He also said that all involved with the dispute, the sister and two brothers, will know where the items are being kept.

Beyond the two brothers not agreeing with sister Bernice on this matter, they also are suing to have her thrown out as the chief executive officer of the King Center.

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