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MLB trade rumors: Latroy Hawkins trade from Colorado Rockies coming soon?

Latroy Hawkins could get traded by the Colorado Rockies very soon.
Latroy Hawkins could get traded by the Colorado Rockies very soon.
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

MLB trade rumors indicate the Colorado Rockies could part with their closer soon. These Latroy Hawkins trade rumors point to five or six teams being very interested in acquiring the relief pitcher before the deadline. According to a report from SB Nation on Tuesday (July 29), one of the teams very interested in him is the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the Rockies, it might also make a lot of sense to deal the 41-year-old reliever in order to build up the roster for long-term contention.

So far this season, Hawkins has pitched in 37 games for the Rockies, posting a 3.09 ERA and 17 saves. He has been very good in the ninth inning, showing a resurgence that might have surprised fans of the team this year. It is that value that makes it a good idea for the franchise to shop him around. It's really unclear just how much he has left in that in that right arm, so getting something of value for him before he either decides to retire or starts to struggle would be an understandable move.

In the current 2014 MLB standings, the Colorado Rockies have fallen to the worst record in the National League at 43-62. They are also 15 1/2 games out of first place in the NL West, showing that this season is now a lost cause. Even if there aren't a lot of options left in the bullpen should these MLB trade rumors evolve into something, fans would understand why the team might choose to trade Latroy Hawkins. His affordability was a reason they signed him and also why other teams would like to have him.

This is also something that fantasy baseball owners will want to pay close attention to, because it's possible that a contending team could look to add him as a setup guy for the stretch-run. That would remove his value as a closer if a deal like that were to go down with the Rockies. The other potential, is that a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates could eye him as a closer, helping increase his value for the last two months due to the save opportunities that could come up.