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MLB 14 The Show wants to make your gameplay experience quicker

MLB 14 The Show is now the only choice for a viable baseball game on the market. This exclusive will be a system buyer for former Xbox 360 baseball fans. While the new iteration will not offer much of a leap from last year's game, Sony looks to make your gameplay experience faster. Today, the PlayStation Blog released a new developer blog for MLB 14 The Show. . Ramone Russell, Game Designer and Community specialist for the franchise, goes into detail about what to expect with Quick Counts and Player Lock. The idea is to make games last less than 30 minutes, so players might actually be able to finish a 162 game season.

PS3 screenshots
PS3 screenshots
Operation Sports
Quick Counts and Player Locks allow for quicker games
Operation Sports

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get each year from our fans is that they’d like to play complete games faster. That’s why we’re excited to bring two new options into MLB 14 that allow for you to experience The Show without having to make as big of a time commitment as in the past: Quick Counts and Player Lock. Watch the video below for an in depth look.

Russell believes the quick count can actually help batters who have struggled in the past. Lots of players end up swinging at everything, which can be disheartening. It should allow for more walks in a game, as counts will randomly be issued, including full counts. Realistic stats have not been compromised when using quick counts, but Russell states slight increases in strike outs or walks should not be surprising. For those not interested in this feature, it’s just that, so the option can be turned off. However, those people with little time on their hands can complete a season with realistic stats interpreted.

The other feature that the blog goes into is the new Player Lock feature. This feature borrows from the ‘Road to the Show’ play mode that has been a staple in the series since the beginning of this generation. While using Quick Counts amounts to games being around 30 minutes, using Player Lock estimates game completion around ten. Yes, games can be completed that quickly. The reason being is because you will select one player for the game, and they only participate when they are batting or involved in a play. On defense, the perspective will be to the fielder, so bases are mapped differently for throwing.

Player Lock fielding uses fielder-perspective controls, so all bases are mapped opposite of non-Player Lock games (i.e. Square = First, X = Second, Circle = Third, Triangle = Home)

Player lock can be assigned to any player, and can be changed in between games, or even during games. Experienced RTTS players will no this routine extremely well, and will transition fine. Once again, this is an option, and it can be turned off. These two modes for allow for a faster experience, and maybe an opportunity to complete an offseason and spend some ongoing seasons with your team. The other note was the previously announced ability to continue saves on upcoming versions of the game, not to mention the cross save feature. The PS4 will be compatible with the cross save feature, and will implement all the modes of the current generation.

MLB 14 The Show is due out on April 1 for PS3 and PS Vita, just in time for opening day. The next generation PS4 version is due out in May, and no set date has been announced yet. This will give players an opportunity to jump on the PS3 version and pick up their seasons at whatever point they are at when the PS4 version drops. As of now, Sony hasn’t announced any cross-platform deals or savings for upgrading versions. Check out the blog on this page, as we have posted new screenshots of the PS3 version as well.

Stay tuned for more information on MLB 14 The Show.