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MKE on the rise- January 2014

Amerika's Addiction
Amerika's Addiction
Amerika's Addiction

Welcome to MKE On The Rise, the newest segment of the Milwaukee local music column. The reason for this segment is very simple. The talent in Milwaukee vastly outnumbers the media outlets currently giving exposure to these artists. Milwaukee is home to an astonishing amount of musical talent for a city its size, musical talent that spans many genres. Each segment of MKE On The Rise will profile a Milwaukee artist, bringing exposure to the artist and bringing new music to the fans. With no further delay, here is the first edition of MKE On The Rise.

Hip hop duo and Milwaukee natives Amerika's Addiction consists of writer and producer J the Truth and talented Milwaukee rapper Addiction aka EbX. The two are veterans in the Milwaukee scene, having been active in the scene for nearly ten years. The name Amerika's Addiction was borrowed from a vocal sample heard in a Kanye West song. Although active prior to becoming Amerika's Addiction, pair took on the name Amerika's Addiction in 2010. Since then the two Milwaukee natives have worked tirelessly to build a loyal fan base, network among industry contacts both locally and nationally and have honed their craft to become one of the fastest rising groups in Milwaukee's hip hop scene.

In recent years, Amerika's Addiction has become synonymous with their motto "#DWYD", which stands for "Do What You Desire". "#DWYD" is a simple yet meaningful phrased that serves as words of encouragement for themselves as well as their legions of fans. The motto has spread across social media like wildfire. Their fan base, collectively known as "Addicts" has responded enthusiastically to the message behind the 4 letter motto. Amerika's Addiction's "Addicts" can be seen across social media platforms wearing "DWYD" merchandise, and in a few cases fans have gone as far as to tattoo themselves with the motto.

2013 was a busy year for Amerika's Addiction. The duo released "Late Nights Early Mornings", their first release in 2 years. In addition to the release of "Late Nights Early Mornings", Addiction ventured to California for a networking trip. The networking trip was a success and due to their self promotion and DIY work ethic, industry executives took notice of Amerika's Addiction and their music during this trip. As a result of this networking trip, their focus and professionalism, the pair has garnered the attention of the Billboard charts, reaching #10 on Billboard's Next Big Sound rankings.

The duo is about much more than just hip hop, self promotion and marketing and have shown a dedication to the community they are both natives of. The pair took part in "Hip Hop Makes A Difference", a charity show to benefit The Froedtert Hospital Foundation in September of 2013 and have organized a toy drive in coordination with a Milwaukee barbershop to benefit Children's Hospital in Milwaukee.

In 2013, Amerika's Addiction also engaged in a Kickstarter campaign. During the campaign, Amerika's Addiction offered packages that included their latest CD, "DWYD" merchandise and personal messages sent out via social media to the fans who took part and donated to the campaign. The campaign was designed to help generate income for future merchandise and a possible tour in 2014 and was a massive success, raising almost double the amount of money that was their intended goal.

Amerika's Addiction is taking the momentum built in 2013 and expanding on it in 2014, with plans to release a Valentine's Day EP that will be available for free download, another full length release scheduled for release in summer of 2014 and a handful of features with artists in the indie music world. Things are looking bright for two of the hardest working and most talented MCs in Milwaukee. If you aren't familiar with Amerika's Addiction and their music yet, it won't be long.

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