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MK ULTRA Mind Control interview on ABQ's Other World Radio

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Time/Date of Interview:
1/13/2010 10:00 PM - 2:00 hrs

"MK Ultra Mind Control: Project Talent"

We have a very special broadcast about the MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE. We will learn about the different secret government programs like Project Talent and Super Soldier Programs within MK Ultra. Many of these Projects are still going on today. Our special guests will be:

DUNCAN O'FINNION: Robert Duncan O'Finioan is an author and martial artist. Born in 1960, he was taken at a young age by his parents and delivered to a secret government program known as Project Talent, a sub-project of the notorious MK ULTRA Program. The program used severe trauma to split his personality into several alternate personalities, one of whom was trained and enhanced to become a Super Soldier known as Omega Unit 197.

It was only as an adult, after years of missing time, blackouts, odd experiences, and terrifying nightmares that a car accident restored some of Duncan's memories of involvement in these secret programs. Duncan had also recently learned of the existence of three distinct other personalities in addition to 197.

ALISON PAULSON: Alison is the Director of this Event. This will be the first conference focusing solely on MK Ultra and Mind Control. MK Ultra (Mind Kontrol Ultra) -- an acknowledged program established after World War II using humans for experimentation.

Visit Duncan's official web site at: Robert Duncan O'Finioan
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Visit Duncan's official web site at: Robert Duncan O'Finioan

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