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MJTech Electronic Cigarette Company Brings Innovation to E Cigarettes & Smokers

MJTech 5S and Sunfire E mod e cigarette models
MJTech 5S and Sunfire E mod e cigarette models

China based company MJTech is truly introducing innovation as they pioneer the new wave of electronic cigarettes. Produced in their own 6,000 square meter factory in China, this company has the ability to oversee quality control from pre to post production through to delivery. The result? Their top quality electronic cigarettes are not only renowned in Asia, but in the American and European markets as well.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are often referred to are the new wave of smoking. In the digital and health driven era that we live in, you find a lot of people are trying to move away from traditional cigarettes. After all, regular cigarettes aren't made up exclusively of nicotine. As a matter of fact, traditional cigarettes have over 600 chemicals in them, emitting up to 7,000 chemicals when they are lit. E-cigarettes are comprised of liquid nicotine vapor. What you see is what you get. The nicotine when added to the e cigarette then becomes a smokeless vapor that is inhaled.

Many smokers find that they have been able to kick the habit of traditional smoking by switching to e-cigarettes and that they feel healthier for it. Studies have been conducted (including in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health) that show the "smokers cough" that many contract as a result of smoking for years actually dies down and even goes away after the switch to electronic cigarettes. Other health benefits and improvements were experienced as well. That desire for nicotine is fulfilled without any of those carcinogen additives going into the lungs, or back out to anyone else.

Also, many that have made the switch find the fact that e-cigarettes are odorless to be a huge advantage to those and the people that are around them. No more offensive cigarette breath or lingering smoke in clothes and hair is a welcomed change. Electronic cigarettes have none of those side effects when used.

Some of the newer products that have recently been launched by MJTech were based on introducing some real innovation to the electronic cigarette market. In example, the Sunfire E Mod series includes an LCD display to show battery life, and you can alternate your wattage, voltage and air flow. You truly take control of how much you inhale. It's sleek look and design is digital savvy at its finest and they are the newest and most popular vaping units on the market.

MJTech offers various exclusive models of electronic cigarettes, including the MJTech 5S and women’s designed MJTech E Smart series which is very posh .You can find their whole line of new products on the MJTech website.