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MJ Kroll's CD release party

MJ Kroll and her band, MJ and the Believers
MJ Kroll and her band, MJ and the Believers
photo by Kelly Frankenberg

The crowd cheered for one more song from MJ Kroll as the evening performance came to an end just after 11 Friday night at Rumours.

Even with the construction on 4th street in St. Paul, people made it out for the evening with performances by Suzen Juel and East of Innocence. Rumours shook with the beat from these rockin’ women. This was the second event of “Women Who Rock” and the release party of MJ Kroll’s second album, “Wondering.”

MJ Kroll’s second album “Wondering,” is, what she refers to as, her “coming out as an artist.” Since the economy has gotten worse, the country has been reevaluating their values and what’s important. MJ says she was doing that too, which led her to make her second album with the philosophy of “Go for your dreams.”

She asked herself, “Do you spend your time doing what you really wanna do?” I’m sure not that many people can answer ‘yes.’ Her new song, “Easy,” on Wondering, reflects these values. MJ performed “Easy,” among others, with her full six piece band, “MJ and the Believers.”

When MJ was eight she knew she wanted to do music. But her family said career first, music on the side. She puts a lot of herself and her heart in her music which comes across in her performances, lyrics, and talent.

Once, MJ met a man on the street named Nation. He told her, “Good music will either move you emotionally or lead you into deep thought. Great music will do both.” MJ hopes her second CD accomplishes that.

For more information about MJ Kroll or her upcoming events go to her website.


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