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Mizuno's 'Performance Fitting System' fits my game

Getting irons to suit my golf game was easy thanks to Mizuno and their high tech process
Getting irons to suit my golf game was easy thanks to Mizuno and their high tech process
Mizuno Golf

"Every swing is different."

Painless and easy was my experience with Mizuno club fitters

This is what I was told as I timidly entered Mizuno Golf's R&D Center located on the driving range at the Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, Georgia.

"It will only take a few swings," said Mizuno's Custom Fit Program Manager, Bill Price as I warmed up.

With my game, how can they customize a set of irons for me in just a few swings?

As I soon learned, when Mizuno promises something, they deliver.

I was eagerly awaiting this day, as I was going to be fitted for some new irons to replace the ancient ones that I had been using with the ultimate goal of improving my iron play.

It was decided that with my handicap ( not just the number, but my entire game) and the fact I was looking for a forgiving iron with a big sweetspot, I would go with the JPX-EZ irons.

In addition to being a very nice looking set of irons, they felt good in my hand. Bill was right, I took a few swings to get loose, took a few more swings hitting a ball on the range, and they a few more with a couple different shafts- some even one what looked like a pane of glass they put my ball on to better see my impact. All the while, he was collecting data about my swings on a monitor and keeping mental notes.

For those worried, I have to say that Mizuno's Performance Fitting System (PFS) is painless and accurate.

Scary accurate.

With the golf club and swing technology that these fitters have at their disposal now, there is nowhere to hide.

Mizuno's Shaft Optimizer technology can measure a player's Swing DNA based on club head speed, swing tempo, toe down angle, kick angle and your release factor.

I used the word "scary" in my words above because after the data is collected, they plot your data on a screen and compare it to Mizuno touring pros Luke Donald and Charles Howell III.

Now, I've had my swing compared to Tiger Woods' swing one time on a split screen and that was flat-out ridiculous and eye-opening, but to see your data being compared to two of the best players in the world is humbling to say the least, but I was better off than I thought.

"We do that because we have the data on Luke and Charles, and now we have your data so we can see how you rank and what we can do to make sure you get the right irons," added Price.

It's a simple process for the consumer, but high tech in just about every other way, except the consumer doesn't have to worry about that.

I actually had a good time with Price and the whole Mizuno fitting process.

The good news is my irons arrived and I've had them out on a couple of occasions. You will have to wait for the next installment of this series to see how the irons play and what my reaction is to them. Let's just say, I'm smiling.

They were right on in recommending the new JPX-EX irons for my game, if you aren't a single-digit handicapper, they might be worth a look for you in 2014 as well.

“The JPX EZ is going to turn you into a player who can take risks - someone who can take the shot on and not think about the danger. You’re going to hit shots that you’ve never been able to hit before," says Tomo Aoki, golf club engineer.

Per Mizuno, here are the specs of my JPX-EX irons:
- Max Pocket Cavity (4-7): Massive sweet area, tightest dispersion, and effortless launch characteristics.
- Deep pocket Cavity (8-GW): For increased accuracy and launch control.
- HOT METAL FACE: Thin multi thickness design for maximum COR to deliver long, consistent distance.
- Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T): Feel and sound tuned through cavity frame design.
- Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/ combo sets or with JPX FLI-HI long iron alternatives.

Find out more about the Mizuno fitting process and their clubs at

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