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Mizuno researches U.S. economic impact if everybody ran

Runners will tell you that running makes them feel better, both physically and mentally. Mizuno Running today announced just how much running can positively change your life through a study it commissioned with MBA students from the University of North Carolina.

"What if Everybody Ran?" was a month-long analysis conducted by looking at volumes of statistical data, including U.S. census data and existing studies to determine how running impacts key areas of life, including health, relationships and the economy.

"Runners understand and see first-hand the positive effect running has on their lives," said Fritz Taylor, VP/GM of Mizuno Running. "Knowing the effect of running on our lives, we couldn't help but wonder what the macro impact would be if more and more people started adding running to their lives."

The study approximated that if everybody ran in the U.S., the following would occur:

  • $130 billion in health care savings
  • Increase of more than $47 billion to the national GDP
  • Nearly 2 billion pounds of total weight loss
  • 10 percent increase in household earning potential
  • 5 million fewer hospital visits

On a personal level, the study found that there would be 37 percent more smiles and a person's brain would be 20 percent stronger. People would spend seven billion more hours outside, while seeing 27 million more sunrises each week.

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