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Mizuno is back with their 'Play Famously' campaign and contest

Mizuno brings back a new campain and an opportunity to experience golf as a pro
Mizuno brings back a new campain and an opportunity to experience golf as a pro

In golf there is a correlation between the power the sport of golf has to change people's lives, and the power Mizuno's JPX-EZ irons have to improve the average and new golfer's game with it's industry leading sweet spot.

Improving one's life could mean getting out and exercising, building business relationships, or using golf to overcome adversity. Improving one's golf game could mean feeling comfortable hitting that 5-iron into a green or hittign that 9-iron over water to an island green. Basically it's fun when you can do it, and Mizuno is helping everyday golfers do just that.

With that being said, Mizuno has announced year two of their “Play Famously” campaign and contest that aims to make golfers better and showcase Mizuno's technology in the process.

Mizuno said there was good reason to bring back this campaign.

After fielding over 6,000 entries last year and hearing thousands of inspiring stories, Mizuno is enthusiastically bringing back their “Play Famously” campaign to offer up the experience of a lifetime to golfers like you and me by selecting 12 finalists to be sponsored and join “Team JPX”.

If you are a finalist, your will be outfitted from head to toe in Mizuno along with a fitted and custom set of clubs along with a custom bag in addition to professional lessons and some time spent with PGA Tour pros.

Each lucky finalist will be invited to the Country Club of the South outside of Atlanta, Georgia in September to play in the JPX Invitational where they will get the chance to compete against each other in a fun event while they get the entire tour pro treatment as they play "famously."

Enter now and find all all the details at

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