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Miyavi's world tour comes to North America


Visual kei powerhouse, Miyavi, will once again be touring both North and South America as part of his event, WHAT'S MY NAME WORLD TOUR 2011. One of Japan's biggest rock stars is being awaited by fans in such major cities as San Francisco and Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas and Houston, as well as New York City. Miyavi's tour will begin on October 20, 2011 in California and move across the US, Canada and South America until mid November.

Miyavi will be releasing a new single before the tour begins called, STRONG, out on October 5, 2011 and his new album, What's My Name? will follow with a release date of October 13, 2011. The new music video for STRONG can now be viewed on Miyavi's YouTube page.

Miyavi hit the spotlight back in 1999 with the band, Due le' Quartz, where he was known as Miyabi. When the band broke up in 2002, Miyavi changed his name and began his solo career, signing with the famous PS Company (which handles such popular J-rock bands as Alice nine, SuG, and The GazettE) and later EMI Music Japan, from there reaching a level of fame that can be considered on par with artists such as Gackt, X-Japan and Dir en grey.

For more information on dates and locations for the WHAT'S MY NAME TOUR 2011, you can visit Miyavi's website.

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