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Miyamoto is rethinking the 'Star Fox' franchise for Wii U

Miyamoto displays 'Star Fox's new control scheme
Miyamoto displays 'Star Fox's new control scheme
Photo courtesy of Time, used with permission

It's been a long time since we've seen a new installment in the Star Fox series, with the franchise remaining mostly dormant for the last eight or so years (not counting appearances in Super Smash Brothers or the 3DS remake). Time accidentally leaked a conversation they had with Miyamoto before today's special E3 Nintendo Direct, where he discussed that he will be bringing the series to Nintendo's Wii U, albeit with a few changes to the game's core mechanics.

The newest entry in the Star Fox saga will have players controlling their ship and aiming with motion controls, which is a huge departure from the more traditional control schemes found in previous titles. Miyamoto stated that this new control scheme comes with a bit of a learning curve, and that players may need about 45 minutes to completely get used to piloting. Miyamoto also stated that a small team had been working on a new Star Fox game ever since the Wii era, but that none of their ideas brought anything significant enough to the table to warrant a new release, explaining the franchise's absence from the last generation.

Miyamoto further elaborated upon the game's new approach, stating that, rather than being one big title, there will be multiple releases that are connected through different missions. He went on to state that if he were to describe the Star Fox series up until now as a movie series, the new approach would be something more akin to a television adaptation. We're incredibly curious to see how that ideology may affect the franchise as a whole.

As for multiplayer, players will also be able to enjoy the game co-operatively, with one player piloting the Arwing spacecraft while the other one looks around. Players will also be able to transform their ship into a land tank, and a helicopter mode has one player controlling the craft while the other one maneuvers a mini-robot.

It's safe to say that this new take on the Star Fox series is still a ways away, as we haven't seen many details yet. More observant fans will have noticed that Miyamoto was playing a blurry version of this title at the end of today's Nintendo Direct.