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‘Mixology’: Adam Campbell and Alexis Carra preview ‘Jessica and Ron’ episode

On “Mixology,” Jessica and Ron had a very bad first meeting but in tonight's episode entitled “Jessica & Ron,” they decide to try again. Jessica regrets sending a naked photo to Ron and sets out to get him to delete it after realizing she barely knows him. Meanwhile, Liv complicates things between Jessica and Ron. The unusual show about one night on a singles bar, takes relationships and finding love to a whole new level.

Alexis Carra and Adam Campbell as Jessica and Ron on ABC's Mixology
Michael Ansell/ABC

LA Sitcom Examiner caught up with Jessica and Ron’s alter egos, Alexis Carra and Adam Campbell, to get a preview of the night they decide to begin their date again.

Check out the interview below:

Phyllis: “Mixology” is a unique show. What did you think of the concept of spending one night in a bar though out entire season?

Alexis Carra: I thought it was awesome. I always loved “24” and this was like “24” meets “Cheers.” That’s the perfect series to do. I thought it was just a great idea and obviously Jon [Lucas] and Scott [Moore], our executive producers they’re full of good ideas. They did “The Hangover” and they created these characters. I think as a cast, we were all really kind of anxious to see how it was going to unfold. Every week we would go to the table read and hear something new for the first time…what was actually happening in the storyline, and we never really knew what was going to happen which made it a lot of fun and that kept it very fresh.

Adam Campbell: I was confused actually. I thought how that is going to work. How are they going to make it a comedy show over one night and also set in one bar? That seemed a bit stifling, a bit claustrophobic only being in one situation. However, when I read the script and you understand from watching it, the show continually uses flashbacks so you’re often taken out of the club and get to see what all the characters were like the day before they came to the bar and what their upbringing was like. They figured out a really clever way of keeping the show exciting. It’s a unique concept in that it all takes place in one night. Tonight’s episode, Jessica and Ron had a very bad first meeting that resulted in his vomiting in her handbag. Fortunately, Jessica is so forgiving that she actually gives him another chance and this episode, episode 8 is where Jessica and Ron kind of start their date again.

Alexis Carra: I don’t know, she’s either forgiving or she’s desperate. I think it’s a little bit of both. Frustrated and going I want to be forgiving. I don’t want to end up like Fab. It’s a fine line.

Phyllis: What is Jessica thinking when she decides to give Ron another chance in the episode that airs this week?

Alexis Carra: I think she feels, “well, I’m still here so what the hell" and I think she wants to see…obviously no one’s perfect. She starts to reminisce and remembers the connection they had leading to that night that you’ll see more of in this episode, that we actually did have a sweet, kind of genuine connection, via text mostly. She enjoyed it and so did he. You’ll see in this episode it’s kind of towing the line of being fun and sexy and really genuine. I think both characters are a little bit afraid to really be vulnerable. But I think Jessica’s kind of like,“I’m here. I’m going to go for it. I do want to have a good night, so…"

Phyllis: Given the nature of the show, how did you manage to create instant chemistry one day, you had to meet for the first time, be acquaintances, etc. how do you play the varying degrees of their relationship throughout the course of the series?

Alexis Carra: We’re just brilliant actors (laughs). We’re just brilliant.

Adam Campbell: It’s funny, you took the words right out of my mouth. That is exactly what I was going to say. (Laughs) To speak about that, what was great, was when we did the pilot around this time last year, immediately the cast had an instant connection. We got on incredibly well. Shooting the show was like one long summer camp, it was just so and so that’s a good question. How do you recreate meeting one another for the first time? I say the trick is in the writing. The writing is so good at giving us smart scenes. It was genuinely realistic. You think, “That’s exactly how someone meets another person. That’s how someone meets a stranger. You would speak like that. You would behave like that. We aren’t quite ourselves. We’re putting on a front.” So I would say the writing was really, really smart and it kind of made that transition real easy.

Phyllis: How did each of you get into acting?

Alexis Carra: I’ve been a dancer my whole life and I hashtag “dance” all the time. It’s a little inside joke between the cast. I’m always dancing. I started doing musical theater first. I always wanted to perform my whole life. I always was telling stories. It’s definitely been in my bones, in my blood since I was seven months old. My mom said that I was sort of dancing before I was walking. So it’s no surprise to anyone in my family that I ended up choosing it as a career path.

Adam Campbell: [Getting into acting] was a surprise to my family. I come from a family of teachers and so I think there was a general expectation that I would also become a teacher but I hate children (Laughs). No, my dad’s an English teacher and he’d often that me and my brother to watch plays and things. I remember from a young age thinking, that I’d really like to do that. I think I just wanted to show off, I think and I’ve segwayed that into a career, I think.

Alexis Carra: Adam just wanted to show off his hair color from a very early age.

Adam Campbell: That’s right.

“Mixology,” also stars Adan Canto as Dominic, Craig Frank as Cal, Ginger Gonzaga as Maya, Blake Lee as Tom, Vanessa Lengies as Kacey, Andrew Santino as Bruce, Frankie Shaw as Fabienne (Fab) and Kate Simses as Liv.

Catch Alexis and Adam in “Mixology” as Jessica and Ron, airing tonight, Wednesday, April 16th at 9:30 p.m., ET on ABC.

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