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Mixo: A Packed House Full of Love


Mixo says "Thank you" photo credit Aaron Biggs

UPDATE: Mixo releases Free mixtape. Click here to download. 21 tracks ft. Justin Timberlake, Will.I.Am., a hand full Of Michigan's best artists & alot more. Hosted by Detroit hip hop legend, Dogmatic.

On the heels of last night's Beatz 2 Rhymez battle, Mixo took time out to express his thoughts of the year long progression and success of the monthly music producer beat battle.

"Last night is what this whole Michigan Hip-Hop thing is all about", Mixo commented, referring to the turnout, atmosphere and talented producers who participated in the event. As I waited for a few friends to show up, I received a text asking what the situation of looking like. DJ Soko was wicked on the tables with beats that had my WordStylist juices flowing. Unexpected even to myself, I responded with a freestyle text. “It’s looking good, I’m n da hood. Young D-O-T, head noddin 2 da beat. I can tell itz their nite, but since im here for the title we fight. Feelin tipsy, spit free. What b*tch u didn’t know itz RYC?!”


Once the show got started round one evolved into round two and Marc Byrd emerged victorious. As the champion who defeated 15 other producers, Byrd received the routine monthly $50 cash prize but in honor of the event's first anniversary, he also received a trophy, sure to be far more symbolic than the memorabilia plastered on the walls which add to the funky nature of PJ's Lagerhouse. Mixo said,"A venue that's in a better location, in the heart of Detroit and venue owners and staff that welcomes & respects what we are trying to accomplish."

Over the last year, a few changes, such as relocating the event from the BullFrog to its current spot at the Lagerhouse, have proved to be beneficial, adding to the success of the event. According to Mixo, "tons of new faces and monthly posts on almost every major paper in Detroit" has been the outcome since he moved after the first two months Beatz 2 Rhymez began. Now that a year has come and gone, Mixo is ready to elevate the monthly battle to the next level. "I'm working on more sponsorship, bringing in out-of-state producers, and a lot more.”

Winner Marc Byrd holding the One Year Anniversary trophy

A lot more is what patrons like Nic Notion, TJ “Detroit Streets” and T-Roy of RYC 24/7, Uncle P, Kirby Glover, Jason and Kelly Tate of Unusual Minds, Redd (Street Justice) and a host of others came to see. Illumini was dope as a special guest, co- hosting with Blake Eerie as she held it down for her first appearance with Beatz. And Tree City banged out a nice performance as the crowd got hype off their wordplay and swift beats.

Mixo had a few last things to say. “I want to thank everybody that came out and who comes out every month. We have a packed house of nothing but love. Also, thank you to, WJLB, IllFlow Mag, Zone Radio, Robo Rob, PJ's Lager House, & anybody I may have missed. You know who you are. Thank you. One love.”

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