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Mixing business with pleasure: A new dating app based on your LinkedIn profile

LinkedUp App - mixing business with pleasure?

Have you ever used your LinkedIn account to find a date? If you hadn't thought about it yet, rest assured - there's now an app for that.

LinkedUp! is a new dating app that uses your LinkedIn account to pull information from your profile, like your industry, schools, and job so that you can be matched with other networking singles using the app.

Mixing business with pleasure carries some risk, of course. What if you hit on one of your LinkedIn connections and she says no thanks - then a few weeks later that same contact is looking to hire a consultant like you for one of her high-paying clients? It's some murky water once you start looking to your career contacts to get a little action.

But LinkedUp! has thought of the possible repercussions, allowing members to anonymously like or pass user profiles. There's no obvious rejection and you can go about your work day without stressing about how this might affect your career in the long-run. Your work contacts can remain separate from your personal life. That is, unless you both mutually agree you want to date.

Max Fischer is a former finance analyst and current President and CEO of LinkedUp!. He got the idea to create a LinkedIn-based dating app after he noticed that people were using the career networking site to find dates, including him. When I asked him how this app would be better than finding dates through Facebook, he noted: "LinkedUp! users get a very true sense of who someone is, where they are from, where they go to school and what do they do, giving users a sense of comfort and trust."

The app is still in the beta phase growing its membership, but the most active users are in the major cities of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where working and dating are very co-mingled already.

You can download the app for free from the iTunes store.

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