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Mixed reactions after president Obama suspends deportations of “dreamers”

President Obama announced on June 15 the Department of Homeland Security would focus its efforts on deporting criminals and other illegal aliens who posed a risk for national security, and as a result the DHS would stop deportations of immigrants who entered the country before they turned 16 and who are not older than thirty years of age; and do not have criminal record.

Obama broke his campaign promise of an immigration reform is his first year of government.
cartoon Wiliam Virgen, photo Hyrum Segovia

An estimate of 800,000 to 1.4 million will benefit from this directive. In Los Angeles thousands of the so called “dreamerscelebrated the announcement and it has been well received among Latinos in general.

Not all of the dreamers or the scholars who advice the dreamers have embraced the new policy with fanfare. Many of them received the news with skepticism. They claim that, since it is not an executive order, falls short because the decision of granting the stay or the work permit is to the discretion of the immigration officer.

The new directive does not establish that the immigration authorities halt the deportations of students. It only says that immigration officials should consider it. Some of these students think President Obama is not sincere in his decision to stop the deportations. They would have preferred an executive order.

One of the skeptics is William Virgen, who would benefit from the new policy. He drew a cartoon depicting the popular Spanish-language saying “le dio atole con el dedo”, which means that someone is fooled someone else. In this cartoon Obama is giving some gruel with his finger to a person representing the Latino voter, meaning that Obama is deceiving the Hispanic electorate.


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