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Mixed messages at Chime for Change concert to promote education

Madonna stood up in support of women's education at the Chime for Change concert on June 1st. In her speech, she demonstrated her passion for education, in particular girls' education. Madonna wants girls to be educated because it leads to jobs, opportunities, understanding of personal rights, ability to support their families, and the ability to take care of their health. She mentioned that while this is not a problem for American's, women all over the world are getting shot for blogging about education, having acid thrown on them for going to school, and being assassinated for being school teachers. Beyonce, among others, also joined Madonna at a benefit concert and performed some of her signature songs in support of the cause. Unfortunately, the noise from the blogosphere has been anything but supporting of women's empowerment, through education or otherwise. The main topics of conversation have been Madonna's face, and Beyonce's wardrobe.

According to, "What turned many off was Beyoncé’s clothes. Or, it would be more correct to say, the lack thereof. While Queen B did wear the best of the best for the occasion, donning glamorous Gucci apparel, some believe her looks were just too revealing for a cause meant to champion women." TheGrio summed up their scathing article by saying, "What we can say for certain is that by wearing leather panties and a sheer top, Beyoncé helped to sell millions of dollars in tickets to promote her cause. This may not be directly “empowering” for women and girls Chime for Change was created to help. Yet, if she can use the same tools that help her sell records to fund programs that can directly impact those lives, perhaps Beyoncé’s costume naysayers might be mollified by considering her underlying motivation."

Concerning Madonna's face, there were accusations of plastic surgery. The headline at Bohomoth reads, Madonna's New Face Preaches A "Revolution of Love" at Chime for Change Concert in London. The 'article' also reads, I’m all for a woman’s right to do whatever the fork she likes to her face especially if it gives her the confidence to get down and dirty with the droolsome Brahim Zaibat. However, Madge is in dire need of a friend she trusts telling her that she needs to kerb her control freakery with regard to ageing and put the foot on the brakes with her obsessive face tweaking."

As you can see, a woman's looks and how she dresses her body seem to be more important to the masses than education. They pick apart Beyonce' for being too revealing and sexy. They criticize Madonna because she may be losing her sex appeal. It looks like they missed the entire point of the benefit concert in the first place.

As stated by Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, singer, and sex trafficking activist stated; "Who's body is it anyway?" She adds, "Here is the problem I see, a woman’s body is too much power for one woman to have, even Beyonce. Although we see corporations exploit this power through women and girls, with far less clothing on than Beyonce, to sell their products, do we protest? But hey, a woman has to be in check, right? Know her position since we’ve all been taught that a powerful woman is dangerous and that a powerful man makes the world go round."

If you care to look, you will find an interesting correlation in criticism of Madonna and Beyonce's fashion and body choices. If education means power, but these powerful women are vilified for being too powerful, then what is the chance that even an evolved nation will actually teach women what they really need to succeed?


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