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Mixed marriages - there are lots of ways marriages are mixed

Negotiation and compromise, significant in every relationship
Negotiation and compromise, significant in every relationship

This is just my opinion. You may or may not agree, and that’s cool, everyone has their own thoughts on this.

I think every marriage or relationship is somewhat a blend or mix. What I mean is, think about your relationship, or friends and family member’s relationships.

Do both individuals always agree on money matters, whether to save or spend? Most likely, lots of compromise goes on. It is not just religious differences that can constitute a mixed marriage.

How about movies, I bet there are sometimes one person really could go for that high action breakneck speed drama while another wants to watch slap stick comedy. Again, compromise is in order.

The list goes on and on…food choices, where to live, religious choices, if and how many children.

All are important. All make up the individuality of the person. While some are much larger than others and cause complex and honest conversations, each person should have their voice.


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