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Mix Nightclub is a new addition to Johnson City

Brian Speed is not a name widely known in east Tennessee, but that may change with the opening of what is predicted to become the hottest night club in the Tri-cites area. Self proclaimed Super Star Promoter and owner of nightclubs such as in San Francisco, Speed bought The Mix last year after the building on State of Franklin sat in silence for months. Downtown Rafters, the former club, closed when it’s previous proprietor, Vincent Filgate, returned to his homeland of Ireland.

410 East State of Franklin was once the home of such wild nights as Cumbia night welcoming all Latinos in the area on Saturdays and the monthly Dancing in the Dark theme night that welcomed all things alternative, gothic, and dark. However, Downtown Rafters also had a reputation for having problems with the local authority with fights in the parking lot, underage drinking, and reports of drug use.

The Mix seems to offer a cleaner and safer alternative to the previous proprietor with a High School Dance Party. For $10, teens 13-17 can party from 8pm to midnight, after which the adults can hit the scene. From midnight to 6 am is the B.Y.O.B, Afer Hours Dance Party for adults 18 and older. The Mix also advertises private parties, especially Sweet 16 parties, starting at $2000 for the night.

Tri-Cities party-goers are waiting and watching to see if The Mix can live up to the hype of a famous owner and his previous businesses, and pull away from its property’s past.

410 E State of Franklin Rd Johnson City, TN 37601-4871 - (423) 926-0333


  • Chris R 5 years ago

    Great to welcome new and cleaner nightlife to the tri cities, looking forward to checking it out. And if youre in need of any security or door men, i am 6'2 260 lbs, and have had some experience with crowded clubs and local bars. Keep me in mind, you can reach me @

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