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Mix it up for Memorial Day feasts: Mustard Greens like you've never had them

Mustard Greens a fresh rite of Spring eats.

Mix it up this Memorial Day or Juneteenth holiday feast with this unique Mustard Greens side dish. Add it on to the prior collection of same.

Mustard greens have a bit of a "bite" to them, slightly spicy. They are tender and might be curly with rough edges, or flat and smooth. Oklahoma City grocer Super Cao Nguyen often offers asian mustard greens, which are sold in bouquet bundles, and have large stems.

These particular greens are watery, inexpensive and bright green. So watery, it is not necessary to add any liquid to this cooking. The tongue catching taste.

These can be made on the stove, or in the microwave or stirfried, dependent upon time or desired outcome. These were made in the crock pot (read that right) and it took about 2 hrs to cook to desired doneness.

Be sure to wash and dry all produce, even if pre-washed. Dunking greens in a filled tub or clean sink may be the easiest way to remove ALL dirt and debris. FYI if using curly mustard greens.

1 double bundle of Chinese Mustard Greens ( this makes about 6 cups when chopped)

1/4c onion finely chopped

ONE 3" piece of fresh ginger, washed, peeled and grated

2 large minced cloves of garlic

1-2 Tbsp of butter, olive oil, bacon grease OR pork roast drippings ( this writer used pork dripping and butter mix).

1/2 c chopped Granny Smith ( green tart apple)

1 c peeled and chopped TARO root This IS the garden plant you see and you can farm it at home if you like. Using a serrated knife to cut these potato-like roots increased the showmanship of the plated greens.

Dependent upon cooking method, this can be a 15 minute dish or 3 hour dish. Being able to choose prep method allows for it to be a quick cook, eat right away, or let it sit and do other things kind of food.

This writer added no salt, but Tamari would go fine with this and white, black or red pepper.

++ possible to swap shredded carrot for the TARO, for color or convenience.

+++ finely shredded bell pepper in orange , red or yellow, uncooked would make a great bed or topper for this dish for color.

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