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Mitt was right...the Brits were the twits

Indian team with twit maker
Indian team with twit maker
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

The July 28th edition of the Standard-Examiner** ran a headline "Olympics kick off despite gaffe by ‘Mitt the Twit’” The gaffe referred to Mitt Romney’s current trip which started in London where, during an interview, he suggested there may be certain problems with the Olympics security.

There was such a hue and cry you’d think he was in the U.S. offending some group about something or other.(Please see

In the interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Romney said, among other things, "There are a few things that were disconcerting -- the stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials -- that obviously is not something which is encouraging." Romney also said there are three parts to the games the athletes, the volunteers, and the host country’s people. Romney said he thought all three parts would do just fine individually and as a group.

Perhaps Romney was using the sense that comes with real world experience. If one fairly basic thing is wrong, such as a company that has had a year or more to prepare realizes at the last minute one of its fundamental calculations is way off (it hired far fewer people than needed), that should make one wonder about other parts of the preparation and about those running the show. Then there was the lost key fiasco, the American bus held up in traffic, the Korean flag screw-up, and pretty soon we see the unauthorized woman walking with India’s team. (See photo.) Fortunately she wasn’t a suicide bomber. These gaffes weren’t typos and they weren’t technical glitches. They were good, old-fashioned carelessness, better known in this country as SNAFUs (List_of_military_slang_terms) Most great coaches have sayings to the effect of doing the basics right is essential to winning. Mitt obviously was tuned in to some basics that weren’t being done right and had the temerity to say so. And the normally unruffled Brits prematurely pounced.

So maybe, just maybe, Americans should note that Romney was not a twit. He showed he is a leader with the seasoned judgment that only experience teaches. That is something the incumbent appears to lack. Perhaps Obama’s lack of experience is seen by him having a bevy of people, events, etc. to blame for his version of an economic recovery. Maybe Americans should consider a leader who is tuned into what details may suggest rather than who or what to blame.

And however unfortunate it may be, perhaps it is our very good friends across “the pond,” with their one molecule-thick skin, who are the twits and not Mitt.

Speaking of twits it would have been appropriate for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to publicly note this Olympiad is the 40th anniversary of probably the worst tragedy of the Modern Olympics. That was the cold-blooded killing of Israeli athletes, in Munich, by Palestinians terrorists and their allies. Israel subsequently disposed of most or all of the culpable. Presumably the IOC told some or all of the athletes in private meetings, and the IOC chairman made a sort of last minute statement. Still, one must wonder what really prompted the deafening silence of a true public homage.

** No apparent relative to this publication


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