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Mitt Romney will have lunch with anybody for a $5 donation

Mitt Romney will have lunch with you for a $5 donation
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Mitt Romney wants to have lunch with Beverly Bounders – if she makes a $5 donation to the Republican Party. That’s what he told her on Thursday in an email offering an all-expense paid trip to Boston to lunch with the former Massachusetts governor. Bounders said Thursday she has never met Romney and can’t fathom why he’d want to lunch with her.

“I’m a democrat who last voted in a presidential election in 1964,” said Bounders. “Now I get an email from Romney telling me, ‘We’ll sit down and chat about anything – conservative politics, the future of the party, the upcoming elections.’ All this IF I make a $5 donation to the Republican Party, and win their ‘Have lunch with Romney’ contest. Not my kind of lottery.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) sent Bounders the email on behalf of Romney in an attempt to shore-up electoral support for the party’s Senatorial candidates in the upcoming mid-term elections. But for Bounders, Romney’s lunch offer seems disingenuous if not downright creepy.

“Mitt seems to be pandering to the masses,” said Bounders. “I’m sure this multi-billionaire is chomping at the bit to have lunch with me. Who wouldn’t?”

Bounders says that she thinks Romney is a nice enough guy, but that the Republican lunch contest is unbecoming a man of his stature. The whole thing, she says, smacks of a “used car salesman making a pitch.”

Romney is even seeking campaign advice from Bounders, a 74-year-old housewife from West Palm Beach. In his email to Bounders, he writes, “We have some big Senate races this year and I’d love to talk with you about them, and hear from you how we win in 2014.” To which Bounders responds, “If the Republicans are counting on me to offer them advice on how to win, they’re in big trouble. It’s hard enough to navigate a Palm Beach County ballot card.”

An email query to the NRSC regarding the Romney contest was returned unanswered. I guess they were out to lunch.

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