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Mitt Romney speaks out on Barack Obama

Did America make a really bad choice in 2012?
Did America make a really bad choice in 2012?
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Can it be called sour apples, or does Mitt Romney have a point? The former 2012 Republican presidential candidate says President Barack Obama has basically “turned out to be a good deal worse" than he expected when he challenged him in 2012. He ended that comment by saying again he will not mount a third run for president.

Romney told the Washington Times, "I was not a big fan of the president's policies, as you know, either domestically or internationally. One of his mistakes and errors, in my opinion, have been more severe than even I would have predicted,” referring to the U.S. economy and problems overseas in Iraq, Russia, and Syria.

Romney was in West Virginia to support Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, who is in the race for U.S. Senate against Democrat Natalie Tennant. As an advocate against the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed greenhouse gas emission regulations for coal-fired power plants and the rules' potential for harming the state's coal industry, Capito is a major target of the far-left.

Romney said Tuesday, "Fortunately, she has her own positions, and she doesn’t have to accept all of mine," he said. "But the other thing is, I did run for president twice, and I think I made it very clear in my presidential campaigns that I’m a friend of coal."

But it appeared Romney was there to take exception with his former rival for the presidency. He was shouted down by the usual union protesters outside the event specifically there to attack Romney as a "fat cat" and the "king of exporting jobs." Deja vu from his days running against Obama.

Romney disappointed them by once again insisting he would not run for president again, and that he intends "to be getting behind some good people or a good person who will be." That pledge was apparently not strong enough to stop the jeering of a man who showed nothing but class during his run for the presidency.

It makes one wonder what these people are afraid of? Meanwhile, Romney is on a nationwide campaign to elect three dozen candidates as the Republican Party that appears in position to take back the U.S. Senate this fall. Most experts predict the election may be the largest landslide for on political party in the history of the United States.

Maybe there is a reason the opposition is yelling at even those not running for anything.

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