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Mitt Romney slow jamming into the 2016 race?

Last Friday, 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the former governor of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon on NBC's Late Night program. Mitt Romney has appeared on a number of television shows, and has made many other public appearances, and he's also made the so true statement lately about Russian President Vladimir Putin “outperforming” our president. That's Harvard MBA diplomatic talk for saying that our president has proven a totally incompetent dunce and incompetent moron compared to the Russian president. On this issue, Mitt is right.

Mitt Romney slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon
Breitbart News

When the IRS scandal, and the other news about how the 2012 election was stolen by the Obama Regime came out, many Republicans and Mitt Romney supporters said Mitt was vindicated. There was even briefly, a Mitt Vindicated movement started, complete with its own twitter hashtag, #mittvindicated. Perhaps this movement did not exactly take off, but it planted a seed for the idea at least that the complete discrediting of how the Regime won another team in office at least somewhat vindicates Mitt Romney.

The GOP political establishment, including many in the GOP political consultant class, wanted to roll the dice and gamble the future of their party, and the country, on second term, and reelected by a landslide, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Then the “bridge-gate” scandal hit the news, and the far left so-called mainstream media that has for years ignored the Obama Regime's historical excess of scandal after scandal after scandal, jumps on and makes the mountain out of a shoe full of dirt out of the bridge-gate scandal allegedly involving Christie. It's breathtaking how the state-run media can ignore the needless death and coverup of those deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, but a little traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge and the slightest hint that someone in the Christie Administration did it out of alleged retribution against some little city Democrat mayor, and it's a national scandal, and one far more important than all the real scandals going on in Washington D.C.

Pooh pooh it you may and I still do not like Green Eggs and Ham, the Bridge-Gate scandal will be enough to take Chris Christie off the board for GOP candidates for 2016. But that leaves the GOP establishment without a candidate in 2016. They are so convinced the GOP cant win in 2016, and defeat expected Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, by running a candidate like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. So clearly the GOP insiders, and the GOP political consultant class, are seeking another candidate.

Perhaps they've found their candidate, and maybe that explains his appearances on all these entertainment shows and other venues. If Romney wants to run for president again, after being so heavily demonized by the Obama Regime (remember the cancer ad, Romney was said to have caused that laid off steelworker's wife die from cancer) that he will have show his human side, and show he's a regular guy. What better way to do that, than to appear on popular television shows, including going on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to slow jam the news? Perhaps Mitt Romney was slow jamming himself back into race for president as a candidate for 2016.

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