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Mitt Romney's No Apology tour

There's no apology as Mitt Romney makes the case for greatness.
There's no apology as Mitt Romney makes the case for greatness.

The title of Mitt Romney's new book No Apology is a not-so-subtle attack on President Obama. But it also could be the slogan for an eventual 2012 campaign, as Romney makes his case that he is a true conservative.

As he tours the country selling books and giving speeches, Romney is sewing the seeds of support for what is inevitably a future run for president. But you won't hear Romney admit that his Romneycare Massachusetts healthcare reform is the political equivalent of Obamacare, which he says are more like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

Romney's political action committee Free and Strong America PAC has been spreading the wealth and Romney is endorsing conservative candidates across the country -- from Florida's Marco Rubio to a little-known conservative in South Carolina, Nikki Haley, a favorite of Tea Party activists in the race for governor there, according to the Washington Post.

Speaking of across the country, Romney now owns a $12 million home on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California, the Associated Press reported:

Romney not only sold his family home in Belmont, Mass., but he bought a house — for $12 million — in the northern San Diego community of La Jolla. He traded a snowy commute for early morning beach strolls amid the dog walkers. 

Those walks probably help him keep his tan natural.


  • fliflopperromney 5 years ago

    romney flips and flops so much. in the words of the great eazy e.

    "Back in 86 you wore pumps and masscara
    Down did the motherf**kin wreckin crew bid
    But once a b**ch always a bitch
    And now the f**kin switch"

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