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Mitt Romney renounces presidency 2016 race and endorses minimum wage increases

Today, Mitt Romney, who has run twice as a presidential candidate, spoke with MSNBC and said he will not be running for president in 2016. Although most know the saying “third time's a charm,” Romney insists he would rather spend his time supporting a fresh Republican candidate. He wants to support a person that epitomizes the “practical conservatives,” because he believes that is what the party needs.

Mitt Romeny reinforces the idea of increasing minimum wages nationally.
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Mitt Romney supports raising minimum wages across the nation
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

During the show he listed a few people who he thought would exemplify the ideology: Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Rep. (of course, since he was Mitt’s vice presidential mate in 2012), Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Senator Rob Portman and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Romney didn’t just share his thoughts on the 2016 presidential race, he also talked about increasing minimum wages. He thinks the increases shouldn’t just stop at the federal level, but believes the nation as a whole should unite and raise minimum wages. His opinion clearly doesn’t align with the House Republicans, who have refused this idea. Wonder why he veers from the party line? He believes supporting this can help the Republican party boost their black and Hispanic voters, according to USA Today.

Romney isn’t the only Republican who thinks increasing the minimum wage is a good thing. He joins Rick Santorum, and Tim Pawlenty who also believe the party needs to aim for sensible hikes. Santorum made no qualms about the idea, and said the GOP’s against raising the minimum wages does not make sense. Later it was reported that Pawlenty summarized his meaning by stating he didn’t believe that these wage increases should be pushed “by White House and Senate Democrats, too far too fast,” according to Headlines and Global News.

Romney, nevertheless, has not changed his mind and continues to promote the idea that the GOP must convince the hard-working “minority families” who struggle in these economic down times, that the party can and will help them by increasing the minimum wage standards. It appears Romney wants the party not to just talk-the-talk, but show real action and believes this is one of many ways to “convince the people.”

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