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Mitt Romney, Mormonism and the presidency

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With Mitt Romney officially becoming the Republican nominee for president, some Christians are still expressing concerns. Catholics and Evangelicals wonder about having the first Mormon president.
Mr. Romney is the nominee. Evangelicals must come to grips with this and act accordingly. The point of this election cycle can’t boil down to Mr. Romney’s religious beliefs. Evangelicals can’t “sit out” this election as some are threatening to do.
The reality is this, no where in the Constitution are Americans guaranteed an evangelical president. America has seen agnostics, Catholics and Evangelicals. The Bible doesn’t have explicit direction for the perfect President. When evangelicals decry a nominee there is a much deeper story.
For years, many Catholics and evangelicals have sought exactly the right candidate to change the face of America. They have looked for the perfect candidate who would uphold the right to life, put a stop to gay marriage, lower taxes and be the moral champion of the world. The “perfect” candidate has been elusive to say the least.
The deeper story is that Catholics and evangelicals have been seeking the wrong thing. While the causes that are close to their hearts are good and moral, the way they have gone about seeking them has been lacking. The days of the moral majority have given way to the times of hoping someone else will do the job.
Catholic and evangelical churches have been given the responsibility to fight for the good and moral things of God. It is not the responsibility of the President, the Congress or the Supreme Court to do the things God has called His church to do. While we wait for the perfect candidate; the country continues to slide. It’s up to God’s people to live and act according to God’s commands. It’s time for the Church to rise up in the power of God. God’s people can’t wait for the right person to do the work. It’s time for the Church to rise up and make the difference. Politicians will always disappoint. The people of God don’t have that option.