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Mitt Romney is Right and that doesn't make him wrong

Politically, Mitt Romney represents the Right but that doesn't make him wrong in every situation. In keeping with their practice to never compliment any of his actions, the team at MSNBC went too far down the wrong road Sunday. In pursuit of humor they found disgust.

For those of us who take family holiday photos, then send them out with apprehension over how they will be received, the response on MSNBC to the release of a professional family photo taken of Mitt Romney and his clan is worse than any ridicule anyone could have imagined.

In the classic setting, there is the extensive Romney family all together in the photo. On his lap, Mitt Romney is holding his adopted grandson, Kieran Romney, who is a black baby boy. From this photo, unbridled ridicule and distasteful criticism is spewed from the broadcast team at MSNBC.

Where is the sensitivity training for this team who made jokes about this innocent baby not belonging in the Romney family? Who needs to be suspended or fired from MSNBC for disrespecting the generous Romney choice to adopt and love a black baby?

The host, Melissa Harris-Perry, an American Collaborative who identifies herself as a black woman should have been offended when Pia Glenn began singing: ‘one of these things doesn't belong here…‘ instead, Harris-Perry joined in the insulting banter based on the race of the baby. She made an absurd comment about the humor in North West marrying the adopted Romney in the future.

It could possibly be joked of Melissa Harris-Perry that she does not belong in a photo of her multi-racial family or does her fair skin give her a pass and diminish her as the object of ridicule? Being Left, is she right?

The team tried to defend their insensitive, offensive and crude comments by saying the baby was not the issue. Harris-Perry said the baby was ‘cute’, it was the Romney Mormon family adopting this child that was considered hilarious. Why? The Romney family must not have had the same ugly ideas about the race of the baby.

Mitt Romney has a target on his back where MSNBC is concerned. These are people who will never see Romney as anything but a punch line for their self described witty satire. Now, this ridicule is at the expense of an infant child who, because of his color, has already been thrown into a battle to prove he belongs to the family that chose him. Should they have adopted a white baby?

The trend of white families adopting black children has the potential of creating an advanced society that accepts diversity and values all humankind. Using the race of an innocent baby to ridicule the loving gesture by the Romney family is unconscionable. To ridicule this adoption is an act of bigotry and racism that should not go unchecked.

Maybe Beyonce and Jay Z should adopt a needy little white baby to grow up alongside Blue Ivy.How would that play out?

In their determination to never say a positive word on MSNBC about a republican and especially about Mitt Romney, the team has gone too far. Think about the words recently uttered by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty or comments attributed to Paula Deen this summer.These are white people making unflattering comments about black people. Neither one of them made fun of an innocent black child for their own amusement.

No amount of explaining their intent to ridicule Romney will mitigate the result of saying that this child doesn’t belong there. Harris-Perry and the crew have virtually said that this child is not entitled to the be included in such an affluent family because he is black. That is very offensive.

Anyone concerned with race relations in Denver and throughout the United States should be in an uproar. What value has MSNBC added to the effort to promote racial equality and develop racial unity in America? The liberal left should know better than this!

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