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Mitt Romney falls on his sword for Utah Senator Bob Bennett



  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney 6 years ago

    neocon mittens
    for sale or rent

  • David 6 years ago

    Romney was not sticking out his neck. Romney and Bennett are tight, Romney wanting to be president, Bennett would have been the 'stick' the 'hammer' to beat both sides of the political aisle into Mitts bidding. Romney, Bennett and Hatch ( yes, even Harry Reid) would become a choakhold on the nation.

  • Stan 6 years ago

    Sorry John but only two comments in 8 hours. Nobody cares what you have to say. The NRA backed Bennett also and they still do. Bennett will probably run as a write in and still win another term in the senate. Mike Lee and Tom Bridgewater will have to go moderate or they won't make it, Bennett has a lot of pull in this state.

  • Stan 6 years ago

    Bennett is need by the LDS Church and by Romney if he runs as a write in that is why.

  • Stan 6 years ago

    Mitt Romney president
    Bob Bennett first counselor
    Orrin Hatch Second counselor
    Harry Reid Second counselor
    direct line to SLC

  • Stan 6 years ago

    "Sorry John but only two comments in 8 hours. Nobody cares what you have to say"

    Read that wrong Stan --- two comment in 8 hours - no one cares about Romney!

  • Yoon Chung 6 years ago

    Romeny can not be trusted.

  • Wow 6 years ago

    Love the Romney haters.

    Cause Obama is really on fire as of, well since he was sworn in.

  • wow wow 6 years ago

    You mean seeing Romney as he is, is hating him?

    Spoiled Mitt cannot come up with anything else than Romney haters, instead of looking inside himself for the man he is...

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