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Mitsubishi dash light bulb

Dear Barbara,

I just found your column and it looks great!

I have a question. I own a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante and the light on my dash showing I am in drive has gone out. Is that something I can buy to correct like a small bulb, etc. Can I do myself if so?

Thank you so much.


Dear Cynthia,

Yes, it is a small bulb and a fairly quick and easy repair however you will have to pull the dash out.

If you have the owners manual or lets say a Chilton repair manual referencing your make and model of your Mitsubishi to show you how to pull the dash out you can definitely do this repair on your own. After pulling the dash out use a flash light to locate the burned out bulb, unscrew it, pull it out then replace it.

Thanks for reading and writing in!



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