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Mitch Williams ejected from kids' game: Former MLB pitcher spews profanity

Mitch Williams ejected from kids' baseball game after a profanity-laced rant at umpire in front of 10-year-olds.
Mitch Williams ejected from kids' baseball game after a profanity-laced rant at umpire in front of 10-year-olds.
YouTube screen shot/ Fox News

Former MLB pitcher Mitch Williams was ejected from a kid’s baseball game after allegedly spewing profanity in front of a group of 10-year-olds just there to play the game. Witnesses claim that Williams’ profanity-laced tirade included calling one of the umpires such a foul word, which is something no kid should hear, according to Fox Sports News on May 13.

The MLB Network analyst Williams was ejected, but refused to leave causing the game to be delayed 10 minutes as he stood his ground. Parents on the sidelines said this looked like a MLB game where Williams’ got up-close and right in the face of the umpire. Pictures show him and the ump standing nose to nose without so much as an inch between their two snouts.

Williams is not only a parent of one of the boys playing the tournament, but a coach to his son’s team. The 10U Jersey Wild team was participating in the Ripken Baseball Tournament in Aberdeen, Md. when this all went down, according to Deadspin.

The irate father and coach didn’t take too much time to offer up his side of the story on a series of tweets he sent out after the confrontation. He was not only ejected from this game, but initially banned from the rest of the tournament.

Parents in the bleachers said Williams offered an almost constant friction to the umpires as they made their calls throughout the game. He had repeated arguments with the umps on the field from balls and strikes to a close play at the plate that he argued was a wrong call.

It wasn’t until one umpire finally confronted Williams’ that the real arguing took place. That is when the ump and the coach-father met nose to nose on the field. They were physically separated by the other umps and coaches. This altercation was reported by several witnesses.

Williams took to Twitter to say that he did nothing more than laugh at one of the ump’s calls. He said that he was the one who was threatened. Williams said in his defense that it was all caught on film and apparently he believes that film will exonerate him from any wrong-doing. He said the ump didn’t know that “my coach is a judge.” He went on to say that the coach said to the ump:

“if we weren't in Maryland you would be in handcuffs and arrested for threatening me. All I care about is the kids.the entire game.”

The tweets were a bit hard to string together as Williams wrote until the allotted number of letters were used up for each tweet. He told his side of the story in six consecutive tweets, continuing his story on each one.

The ban on Williams is lifted and the baseball officials from the Ripken Baseball Tournament did this saying that the umpire failed to act professionally. Witnesses said that the umpire’s reaction came “well after Mitch Williams had been ejected and refused to leave.”

Williams did attend the remaining games in the tournament, but the Ripken Tournament baseball officials kept a watchful eye on the father-coach. The majority of witness accounts put Williams as the culprit in this mess and not the ump.

Williams was once booted out of his daughter’s basketball game for cussing at the ref, so it appears that the MBL analyst does have a history of getting a little hot under the collar at kid’s games. It's too bad that the kids couldn't just enjoy the game. Can you imagine how you would feel with your father out there arguing with an umpire non-stop? You might want to crawl under one of the bases!

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