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Mitch Rossell at Billy Blocks

Mitch Rossell
Mitch Rossell
Mitch Rossell

Mitch Rossell is a 22 year old singer songwriter from Chattanooga Tennessee. He has a steadily growing fan base including you tube with over 2 million views and 8,000 subscribers.

Mitch shared a set at The Billy Block Show at the Tin Roof. Billy hosts the show and it is streamed live on on Tuesday's starting at 6PM.

Playing with Mitch was Billy Block on drums, John Cady on electric guitar, Matt Williamson on bass and Mitch Rossell on acoustic guitar.

Mitch opened with a song " Perfect." Mitch has great tone strong vocals and the lyrics of the song were sweet memorable and catchy delivered with a sincerity that the audience really connected with.

The next song was " Praying It Don't Rain." A nice story about meeting a girl at a hardware store who wrote her number down in the dust of the hood of his truck, and then out running the storm so he can get home to write the number down. Very sweet pensive delivered with a great strength of honesty and that unidentifiable thing that moves and connects people to the artist.

The next song was " Average Joe." Very hear touching about a man battling cancer. The story of mortality and joy of living in the moment. Mitch's ability to use his voice to tell a story lyrically has a definite pull past just being in tune and the ability to use vocal range.

Another song " Snowing In Hell." Was a heartbreak song about losing trust and the tag When I take you back girl it will be " Snowing in Hell." It is a girl done him wrong song that comes across no apologies and a man sharing a lesson learned of being hurt over and over again.

The last song Mitch closed his set out with was " She Loves The Rain." He mentioned it was one of his favorites. Very romantic and through the detail of a man noticing all the small things that endear him to the love of a woman and again delivered with a great deal of depth that touches the listener.

Mitch has an album out " Wild One." It can be purchased at

He also has a my space at

Mitch's songs can also be accessed at www.cdbaby.comcd/mitchrossell.

It was another rich night of music in Nashville.

Billy Block hosts The Billy Block Show every Tuesday at the Tin Roof at 6PM. Billy also has a show on 103 WKDF radio locals only Sunday evening 6-8 PM.


  • Joyce Geyer, Buffalo Health Examiner 4 years ago

    Hi Sue: Mitch sounds like a really great singer. I'll have to check him out with your links.

    I love all kinds of music. I listen mostly to Jazz. Currently listening to David Benoit.

    I am also Buffalo Breast Cancer Examiner

    Thank you!

  • Joyce Geyer, Buffalo Health Examiner 4 years ago

    I also subscribed. Thanks!

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